The creation of Gunmetal is a story we love to tell to everyone we meet.

It's Gunmetal himself!

It's late 2016, Tobi and I went to a local fair together for a date - we came across a stall that sold lots of toys of those shitty carnival toys that were mass produced in a factory somewhere and are being resold for 35x their original value. Amongst them we found a toy gun that was so hilarious, so fucking shitty, we needed to have it. It was a sci-fi Star Trek type laser blaster gun with Spider-Man of all people sitting on top, and when you pulled the trigger it starts screaming and flashing seizure-inducing lights. The fucking thing was $35. We brought it home triumphantly, laughing at the poor purchase we had made, and on closer inspection the paint job on Spider-Man was terrible; it looked as if he was slowly "turning into" the gun.

This led to many jokes to a character we gave the "temporary" name of Gunmetal to - a man who could turn into a gun, and couldn't do much else. This also led to the creation of his side-kick, a young man named Bastion (who would go on to become Nick) who was roped into Gunmetal's shenanigans.

The story began as an in-joke, but one evening during 2018 when we had grown disillusioned with one of our other stories. Tobi and I went back to Gunmetal to muse upon it; inspiration suddenly struck us, and what followed was seven hours straight of maddeningly pacing through our house, spitballing ideas, laughing and yelling, drawing whatever came to mind and writing down everything we could. We started talking during the afternoon and didn't run out of steam until sunrise the next day. We have been developing the story since then, refining every last detail and ironing out all the kinks.

Creating Gunmetal was a joy to do, and we sincerely hope you have as much fun reading it as we did making it!


Mostly the artist, but has a hand in the writing too.

Weirdo #1

Atticus Greenwell (he/him) is an artist living in Queensland, Australia. Having been drawing since the day he could hold a pencil, Atty's dream of creating stories was sparked after watching Sailor Moon at age 10. Nowadays you can catch him streaming on Twitch, playing EverQuest II (where adventure comes alive!) and of course, making art. He also edited a lot of this website - what a smart guy!


Mostly the writer, but has a hand in the art too.

Weirdo #2

Tobias Paull (she/he/they) is an actor living in Queensland, Australia. Graduating from the University of Southern Queensland in 2021 and receving their BCA in Theatre (with distinction!), Tobi is now applying all their focus to creating their stories inbetween acting work. Her favorite things are roguelikes, power metal, Magic the Gathering, D&D, absolute chaos and destruction, and making stories for you all to read!